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15 World’s Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!! (15 Images)

Here Comes My Beautiful City

Getting one bucket list item scratched is not a problem when you do it with you best friend, at least for this traveler and photographer. Meet Alexander Remnev, a Russian daredevil photographer with an iron-clad stomach for heights who gained significant followers for his clear eye for photography. But more specifically, he made headlines back in 2014 when he climbed the Dubai’s tallest residential tower. With a height of 1,350ft off the ground, Romney alongside his friend smiled for the camera giving us a bird’s eye view of Dubai’s beautiful metropolitan. In an interview with Daily Mail, he said: “climbing the towers in Dubai was easy because they have open roofs.” He also said that after climbing the towers, the world seemed to have become so small for him. You can get more of this traveler on Instagram: @a_remnev.

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