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15 World’s Richest Pets of All Time (15 Images)

Colonel Meow (Earned $5,000 Annually)

Colonel Meow was one of the most famous cats in the world until his death in 2017. The Himalayan–Persian crossbreed cat held the Guinness record for having the longest fur by any cat and was an Internet celebrity. At nine inches his fur was well above anything recorded in the past. Colonel Meow became an Internet sensation after his owner Anne Marie Avey posted a picture of him in an angry stance. His celebrity status can be well gauged from the fact that when Meow was hospitalized in November 2013 the news instantly started trending on several social media platforms and his death was mourned by thousands. Most of his fans would remember him for that one image of him posing alongside a Johnnie Walker Black Label bottle titled ‘Prodigious Scotch Drinker.’

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