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20 Tragically Awkward Wedding Photos of All Time (20 Images)

Smiling Face Always Attracts Most

On the occasion of weddings, people adorn themselves with their most choice dresses. Especially, the bride remains the center of all attraction not only through wearing her gorgeous dress but also her hair style, mood, posture, etc. But this wedding photo is of course awkward. Who seems to be the center of attraction here? Is it that the photographer couldn’t make out who to focus on at a wedding reception? What makes the photographer to be distracted from the bride? Maybe he wanted to focus on to the deep blue sea water. For which this photo probably has become awkward. Smiling face always attracts others attention. If this is a beautiful lady, then the photographer himself will be distracted automatically. Certainly, this one is one of the most awkward wedding photos. Nobody will forget this picture.

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